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Long summer

Still summer in Malmö in the beginning of november 2014 when the warmth lingered long. The view is from the entrance to the hospital in Malmö.



Hyllie station

In later years Hyllie station has been my starting point or arrival point on my journeys to see my children who both live abroad. Here you can see the round roof of the station that is essentially a shelter from the rain.

As this week´s theme on  The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge is Rounded I update this post to share it on the Daily Post.

Old industrial buildings in Finspång


We are in Finspång in Östergötland in Sweden. The industries of Finspång originated in the sixteenth century with royal factories for cannons and cannon balls. Finspång castle was built by Louis de Geer, part of a walloon family imported to Sweden for their know-how in iron mining and iron production.. The picture is taken in the autumn of 2014 and published before on From My Horizon.

No pots of gold


We are back in Borås, this time on the street were I lived while in Borås walking home in the afternoon when I suddenly saw both ends of a rainbow. For once I used the Iphone as I wasn´t able to catch both ends of the rainbow with my ordinary camera.  I used to walk this street every day to work. Sadly no  pots of gold waiting where the rainbow ended.

Bat night


A magic night listening for bats by the pond by Hovdala castle. One could see the tiny  Daubenton’s bats flying in circles over the water hunting insects. They also hunt insects in the water, not only flying insects. This was the last bat guide tour for the season at Hovdala castle. The bats were of course too fast to catch on the picture but as my son remarked they did not fly as fast as one could expect. We heard several more species and saw them out of the corner of our eyes. Fifteen of the nineteen species of bats that exists in Sweden can be found in the woods around Hovdala.

To see a film with the bats in the pond have a look on Youtube film below