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Finspång Castle

We are in Finspång in Östergötland in Sweden. The industries of Finspång originated in the sixteenth century with royal factories for cannons and cannon balls. Finspång castle was built by Louis de Geer, part of a walloon family imported to Sweden for their know-how in iron mining and iron production.  The picture is taken in the autumn of 2014 and published before on Weekly Weather.


Today is midsummer in Sweden and I have read that on midsummer solstice on the 21st of June  you are allowed inside the stonecircle at Stonehenge so the postcard this week comes from Stonehenge which is an eternal mystery to people on earth. Why was it built and by whom? What purpose was it meant to serve? More than a million people from all around the world visit Stonehenge every year enchanted by the mystery of the stones. The picture is taken on easter 2017.