Memory from the beach on Lauttasaari /Drumsö

Beautiful colors by the sea on an overcast day in August 2017 on the beach on Lauttasaari – Drumsö in Helsinki, Finland.  I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Liquid.

5 thoughts on “Memory from the beach on Lauttasaari /Drumsö”

  1. Christina, going forward you might want to use less tags and categories. WordPress only allows a total of 14 or 15 tags and categories to be assigned to a post. If the limit is exceeded, I have found that the post does not appear on any of the assigned tag pages. Hope this helps. (I see 19 tags listed above.)


    1. Thank you! I do know the limit is 15 tags. I added some more tags when I decided to let this post join Weekly Photography Challenge. Actually there are 20 tags as one is invisible to fix it as a featured post at the top of the blog. I change the featured posts now and then. As of now I don’t put much work on my blogs as I have ill health in my family and struggle rather hard to keep my nose above the water. I picked the pictures to be published on this blog during last year before disaster struck and I am happy to keep up the publishing of posts on this blog and some posts now and then on my main blog From My Horizon. But I reorder the schedule for publishing sometimes. As of now there are posts to cover a weekly posting this year and part of next. I wish you a wonderful weekend!


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