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Rain between Borås and Varberg


Raindrops on the car window on the road between Borås and Varberg in Sweden. The picture has been published before on From My Horizon and is taken in 2015. I share this post with The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Liquid.


Snow on Döbelsgatan in Borås

DSC_4373We are back in Borås, this time on Döbelsgatan in January 2016, my last month in Borås before returning home. As the snow was deep I had started to take the bus to town instead of walking. I snapped this beautiful picture here on Döbelsgatan.

No pots of gold


We are back in Borås, this time on the street were I lived while in Borås walking home in the afternoon when I suddenly saw both ends of a rainbow. For once I used the Iphone as I wasn´t able to catch both ends of the rainbow with my ordinary camera.  I used to walk this street every day to work. Sadly no  pots of gold waiting where the rainbow ended.