Giraffes in Helsinki

DSC_4626The postcards this week comes from Helsinki in Finland where these giraffes look out from a corner on the balcony of the natural museum. The picture is taken in August 2017.


The Sycamore Gap


The postcard this week comes from the fabled photo spot on Hadrian´s wall, the Sycamore Gap at Steel Rigg in Nortumbria in England where a film starring Kevin Costner has been filmed. The wall was built by the Romans in the second decade AC. The picture is taken april 2017.

Lighthouse on Lernacken


This picture is taken at the end of the 20th century or the beginning of the 21st century with an Olympus camera. It is a small lighthouse on Lernacken, where now the Öresund bridge begins in Sweden, and a fort from the second world war that was used to guard the beaches.

King´s Cross station, London


The postcard this week comes from King´s Cross station in London in 2014. The picture has been published before on From My Horizon in 2014.

I´m very sorry to see the end of the Weekly Photography Challenge on WordPress. I have shared pictures most weeks since October 2012 on my blogs, mostly on From My horizon where I shared  a post on the theme Mine in October 2012.

Pictures of ordinary places

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