Early morning in old town Malmö


Moving through town in the early morning on my way to work I am an observer, a flaneur, sometimes standing still and pondering the angle and the light to see if this will be a good picture. Here is a picture taken in the early morning looking at the abandoned chairs and tables of an restaurant on a street leading to Lilla torg, a part of town with lots of restaurants. Many restaurants have outdoor chairs and tables through the winter as well. The picture is taken in 2016 and originally published on From My Horizon as a part of the Discover Challenge theme Flaneur


Sunset by the lime quarry in Limhamn


On a walk with a friend a beautiful sunset walking along the old lime quarry in Limhamn, Sweden.

The picture is taken in november 2014.

In Korankei valley


I was guided on a memorable trip to Korankei valley in eastern Japan in the autumn of 2013. The valley is famous for its beautiful colors during the autumn. The center and origin of the beautiful seasonal colors is the existence of a zen temple built in 1427. The monks planted trees around the temple with beautiful seasonal colors. There are also market stalls in the autumn by the bridge and the trees and the river are illuminated in the evening. We were there in the beginning of November and the colors were not at their maximum yet but it was still a wonderful place to visit. This picture is taken from the bridge over the river Tomoe.

Platform 9 3/4 on King´s Cross


The postcards this week comes King´s Cross where there is a Harry Potter shop featuring all sorts of things from Harry Potter. The shop has Platform 9 3/4 in it´s name and as everybody know that is the platform the train to Hogwarts depart from so a lot of kids were there of course. Children can be photographed on King´s Cross in London entering platform 9 3/4. The picture is taken in the autumn of 2016.


Pictures of ordinary places

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