Malmö Centralstation in Snow

The postcard this week is from 2010 and the picture shows one of the train perrons at Malmö Centralstation in snow before Christmas 2010.


Christmas Market in Tallinn

In december 2015 we went to Tallinn to visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site – the medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia. We went around on the medieval streets on Toompea and looked at the old buildings and visited the Christmas market.

Steampunk shadows on Malmö Centralstation


Malmö Centralstation was built in the steampunk era in 1856. This picture is from an early morning in 2010 when station was renovated and adapted to the underground tunnel Citytunneln.

The picture has been published before in 2012 on my main blog From My Horizon.

In Korankei valley

I was guided on a memorable trip to Korankei valley in eastern Japan in the autumn of 2013. The valley is famous for its beautiful colors during the autumn. The center and origin of the beautiful seasonal colors is the existence of a zen temple built in 1427. The monks planted trees around the temple with beautiful seasonal colors. There are also market stalls in the autumn by the bridge and the trees and the river are illuminated in the evening. We were there in the beginning of November and the colors were not at their maximum yet but it was still a wonderful place to visit. This little road in Korankei valley leads upward to a little temple.

Pictures of ordinary places

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