Warren Hill in Newmarket in the afternoon after training

dsc_0187-4The postcard this week comes from Warren Hill on an afternoon in Newmarket after the horses have left the training course. 


Statue and church in Simrishamn


We are in Simrishamn and looking at a statue by Carl Milles named “Angel with trumpet” in front of Sankt Nicolai Church in Simrishamn.  The picture is taken in the autumn of 2013 and published before on From My Horizon.

By the walls to medieval Tallinn



By the walls surrounding the medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia in June this year.  The medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia is  an UNESCO World Heritage Site – . We went around on the medieval streets on Toompea and looked at the old buildings.

Close to home – from the air

2019-06-24-14.11.37.jpgFlying home from Finland to Denmark we had good weather on the flight and when we flew over my home town Malmö in Sweden I looked down on where I live.  Turning Torso (at the beach line close to the center of the picture) and the Öresund bridge (on the left side in the picture) are small down there and I will be soon going over the bridge by train from Kastrup, the airport for the Copenhagen area on the Danish side of Öresund, on the other side of the strait in the picture. The train only takes circa ten minutes from Kastrup to Hyllie station where I take a bus to my home.

It is very seldom I get the chance to take a good picture of my hometown from above. I have lived in different parts of this town since I was four years old.

The picture has been published before on From My Horizon.

On the road to Viskafors


The railroad broke down and I had to travel with the replacement bus instead which took forever. Here the bus is nearing Viskafors station to pick up more passengers on the road between Borås and Varberg. I arrived in Varberg just as the train I had planned to take pulled out from the station. Anyhow I got a good picture from the bus as is seen above. The picture is taken in August 2015.

Venetian Carousel at Malmöfestivalen


This picture is taken on the opening day of Malmöfestivalen August 10th 2018, the annual party in Malmö, that started in 1985. Passing by Gustav Adolfs Torg I saw that they had put up the venetian carousel again. They usually have it out at the Christmas Market.

I hope you enjoy the picture with the little girl climbing onto the carousel with the horses.

To see other pictures of a venetian carousel in the beginning of the 21st century look here and for another picture of a venetian carousel on Gustav Adolfs torg look here.

Pictures of ordinary places

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