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As a young girl I went to a photographers school for two years and learnt the basics of photography. Of course it is good to know how to do something but you also have to find out the kind of pictures you want to take. And I didn´t find it then. So the camera was put away for many years, only to be taken out to document children and pets from time to time. But at the end of the 1990s we got a digital camera and I suddenly looked around and started to think about how the town had changed and started to take pictures of streets in a small scale.

And after I got the digital system cameras my photography has exploded. It is cheap, you can take a lot of pictures and chose the best. With the help of computer programs you can correct exposure, contrast, colour, and if you want to make pictures that leave the realistic world you are free to do so. In the old photo world you needed a lab of your own to make these corrections. Although I usually state when the pictures are too much altered, especially when I publish scanned photos.

I am mainly an urban person that travel on the tarred and paved streets of cities sometimes taking detours to the countryside. Most of my blogs are photography blog and my main blogs get updated at least once a week.

On From My Horizon I also connect the threads from my other blogs by reblogging the post from my other blogs. As of now I am only able to publish on this blog an on From My Horizon due to family reasons.

The pictures on this blog “Boring Postcards” have almost always been published before on one of my other blogs. To see what inspired me to start this blog have a look at the first post here.

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Pictures of ordinary places

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