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Turning Torso

dsc_1699The high status landmark of Malmö is Turning Torso by Calatrava.  It is the biggest building in town and I think either you love it or you hate it.


Lighthouse in Malmö Harbour



The postcard this week is from the beginning of 2016 and the picture shows the small lighthouse by Universitetsbron in Malmö harbour.

Early morning in old town Malmö


Moving through town in the early morning on my way to work I am an observer, a flaneur, sometimes standing still and pondering the angle and the light to see if this will be a good picture. Here is a picture taken in the early morning looking at the abandoned chairs and tables of an restaurant on a street leading to Lilla torg, a part of town with lots of restaurants. Many restaurants have outdoor chairs and tables through the winter as well. The picture is taken in 2016 and originally published on From My Horizon as a part of the Discover Challenge theme Flaneur