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Sunset on Gallops in Newmarket


The postcard this week comes from a sunset on the Gallops in Newmarket in 2012.


Horses in training on Warren Hill in Newmarket

DSC_4542The postcard this week comes from a misty morning in Newmarket at the end of april 2014. I am on  Warren Hill seeing the horses run between the railings.

Repurposed concrete factory in Klagshamn, Sweden

051This picture of a concrete factory seen in the distance in Klagshamn was taken in the beginning of the 21st century. Between 1903 and 1938 it was a part of the concrete factory in Klagshamn. When my youngest child went to riding school the old factory buildings was used as a stable and a riding arena though when the weather was good the riding was almost always outdoors. As you can see the place is on a beach and in the summer the children bathed with the horses while on summer riding school. I have read in the papers that the riding school got a new stable and riding arena since and I don´t know how much of this repurposed old factory is left.

Öresundsbron – in August 2017

The postcard this week is from a walk to the marina in August 2017 and is a view of the Öresund bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. The picture was originally published on Weekly Weather in August 2017.

To the memory of my husband who shared the walk with me.

Hyllie station with the water tower


In later years Hyllie station has been my starting point or arrival point on my journeys to see my children who both live abroad. Here is the view of Hyllie water tower above the rails.

The picture was originally publishe on From My Horizon as part of The Daily Post´s weekly Photography Challenge: Rounded