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Long gone – Where Malmö Live is today


The postcard this week is from circa 2000 and taken with our first digital camera. The yellow building in wood announcing that a company that imports fruit on it is long gone and Malmö Live is built on the site. The street leads to old town Malmö. When you think about it is not that long ago.


The Western Harbour

The postcard this week is from an early morning at the beginning of 2016 and the picture shows the the western harbour seen from the other side of Universitetsbron in Malmö harbour. The picture has been publish on My Horizon before as Harmony in Blue.

Snow on Kungsgatan



IMG_3829This is a memory from the  winter of 2014. Mercifully we don´t usually get many days of snow every year so most of the winter the ground is mostly bare. Snow usually disappears after a few days. Scania, the most southern county of Sweden, that once belonged to Denmark usually only have circa five days a year with snow winter is usually a grey affair. As snow usually is so rare, the children go out with their toboggans as soon as the snow starts and use their sleds until the very minute the snow has returned to water.

The picture is taken on the boulevard Kungsgatan in Malmö, Sweden.

Steampunk shadows on Malmö Centralstation


Malmö Centralstation was built in the steampunk era in 1856. This picture is from an early morning in 2010 when station was renovated and adapted to the underground tunnel Citytunneln.

The picture has been published before in 2012 on my main blog From My Horizon.