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In Korankei valley

I was guided on a memorable trip to Korankei valley in eastern Japan in the autumn of 2013. The valley is famous for its beautiful colors during the autumn. The center and origin of the beautiful seasonal colors is the existence of a zen temple built in 1427. The monks planted trees around the temple with beautiful seasonal colors. There are also market stalls in the autumn by the bridge and the trees and the river are illuminated in the evening. We were there in the beginning of November and the colors were not at their maximum yet but it was still a wonderful place to visit. This little road in Korankei valley leads upward to a little temple.


Winter on Kungsgatan

Kungsgatan winter 2012
Kungsgatan winter 2012

This is a memory from the  winter of 2012. Mercifully we didn´t get many days of snow that year so most of the winter the ground was bare. In a poem scanian poet Gabriel Jönsson says that “Winter shows her grey cloth”. Freely translated from and perhaps incorrectly remembered, in swedish “Vintern hänger upp sin gråa räcka”. And Scania, the most southern county of Sweden, that once belonged to Denmark usually only have circa five days a year with snow so winter is a grey affair. As snow usually is so rare, the children go out with their toboggans as soon as the snow starts and use their sleds until the very minute the snow has returned to water.

The picture is taken on the boulevard Kungsgatan in Malmö, Sweden. The statue is of Flora made by Jonas Fröding. Flora originally had a flower in her hand but she has lost it.