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Long gone – Where Malmö Live is today


The postcard this week is from circa 2000 and taken with our first digital camera. The yellow building in wood announcing that a company that imports fruit on it is long gone and Malmö Live is built on the site. The street leads to old town Malmö. When you think about it is not that long ago.


Malmö Live

The postcard this week is from last year and features a building nominated to an architecture festival, Malmö Live, in Malmö, Sweden, is seen. The bridge is said to play melodies.

Malmö Live and World Maritime University


The postcard this week is from this spring and features two buildings nominated to a architecture festival. The old tower house now housing the World Maritime university got an addition on the backside of the building that doesn´t show on the picture. Behind the tower house Malmö Live is seen. The picture was originally published on Weekly Weather in March this year.