Carousel at Christmas Market in Malmö


The Carousel could usually be found at the Christmas Market at Gustav Adolfs torg in Malmö, Sweden. This picture was taken  an afternoon on my way from work with a digital camera. To see a picture of the same carousel  in the beginning of the 21st century look here.



Sakura walk along Yamazaki river in Nagoya


A treasured memory from my first journey to visit my son who lived there at the time. The day after I arrived in the beginning of april 2013 he took me on a walk along Yamazaki River to look at the famous flowering Sakura trees. Lot of people walked along the canal to celebrate the hanami season when the cherry trees blossom. The picture has been published on one of my other blogs.

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In december last year we went to Tallinn to visit an UNESCO World Heritage Site – the medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia. We went around on the medieval streets on Toompea and looked at the old buildings and visited the Christmas market.

On Sveaborg – Suomenlinna in Helsinki

dsc_2817On Sveaborg – a sea fortress whose construction started in 1748 by Augustin Ehrensvärd who was a Swedish military officer and an architect. Finland was a part of Sweden until 1809 when Finland was occupied by Russia. Sveaborg means “fortress of Svea”. The name “Svea” is female and a symbol for Sweden. Finland became a sovereign state in 1917 and the fortress was renamed Suomenlinna  – “castle of Finland”. Sveaborg – Suomenlinna is a UNESCO world Heritage site. More about Sveaborg – Suomenlinna at wikipedia.

The picture is taken in december 2015 and originally published on Weekly Weather.

Pictures of ordinary places

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