Rowboat in the moat by the cannon turret

dsc_2328Medieval castles usually had a moat and Malmöhus castle in Southern Sweden has one too. The castle was originally built in 1434 by Erik of Pomerania, then  king of the unified Denmark, Sweden and Norway. On a guide tour I heard the then town antiquarian say that this castle was the king´s favourite castle. Erik was born in Pomerania but his grandmother was sister to the scandinavian Queen Margaret (Margareta). When her own son died Erik took his place as heir the to the crown. Erik was dethroned twice and for a while made a living as a pirate on Gotland. More about his fascinating story on Wikipedia.

The picture above is of an rowboat I discovered in the moat when passing by. The canon tower behind the boat. This picture was originally published on my other blog From My Horizon.


Devil´s Dyke, Cambridgeshire

Looking down from the ridge at Devil´s Dyke.
Looking down from the ridge at Devil´s Dyke.

The postcard this week comes from Devil´s Dyke in Cambridgeshire. I am standing on top of the ridge looking down on the British stud side. Devil’s Dyke is one of the best surviving examples of Anglo-Saxon earthwork in Britain.  More information here. The picture has been published on Weekly Weather in september 2016.


Guard tower in Nagoya


A treasured memory from one of my journeys to visit my son who lived there at the time. This is one of the guard towers at Nagoya castle in Japan. The picture has been published on one of my other blogs.

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Old telephone booth in Simrishamn

Old telephone booth by the railway station in Simrishamn.
Old telephone booth by the railway station in Simrishamn.

We are in Simrishamn and looking at a telephone booth no longer in use. It stands by the railway station as a memorial of times gone by. The picture is taken in the autumn of 2013 and published before on From My Horizon.

Hyllie station at night


In later years Hyllie station has been my starting point or arrival point on my journeys to see my children who both live abroad. Arriving home in the autumn of 2013 from Japan I took this picture on Hyllie Station waiting for the bus . I first published this picture on Weekly Weather.

Pictures of ordinary places

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