Winter on Kungsgatan

Kungsgatan winter 2012
Kungsgatan winter 2012

This is a memory from the  winter of 2012. Mercifully we didn´t get many days of snow that year so most of the winter the ground was bare. In a poem scanian poet Gabriel Jönsson says that “Winter shows her grey cloth”. Freely translated from and perhaps incorrectly remembered, in swedish “Vintern hänger upp sin gråa räcka”. And Scania, the most southern county of Sweden, that once belonged to Denmark usually only have circa five days a year with snow so winter is a grey affair. As snow usually is so rare, the children go out with their toboggans as soon as the snow starts and use their sleds until the very minute the snow has returned to water.

The picture is taken on the boulevard Kungsgatan in Malmö, Sweden. The statue is of Flora made by Jonas Fröding. Flora originally had a flower in her hand but she has lost it.


Hörja church

Hörja parish church in northern Scania, built in the thirteenth century. The tower is added 1924. My grandparents and my aunt and uncles are buried here.
Hörja parish church in northern Scania, built in the thirteenth century. The tower is added 1924. My grandparents and my aunt and uncles are buried here.
We are in the northern parts of Scania famous for it guerilla fighters during the Scanian war between Denmark and Sweden. The war ended with Scania and the neighbouring provinces of Blekinge and Halland belonging to Sweden. Scania was danish until 1658.

This is Hörja church, one of the parishes my father´s ancestors came from. Most of his ancestors moved between Hörja, neighbouring parishes Finja and Västra Torup as far as I have been able to trace them which probably means they were here long before the 17th century. The oldest I have been able to trace are born in the 1400s.

In the autumn after my aunt died my son and I went for mass at All Saint´s Day to this church. All Saint´s Day is a day when you bring flowers and candles to the graves of those you want to remember, though I live too far away from the graves of my relatives so I don´t do it. All Saint´s Day is celebrated at the same time as Halloween in the United States.

But at the end of the mass the vicar brought us out to the entrance of the church to sing a hymn with a stanza about the ancestors lying to rest in the churchyard, Knowing that my ancestors had lived here for generations that was a very special feeling.

Hyllie station stairs


In later years Hyllie station has been my starting point or arrival point on my journeys to see my children who both live abroad. This picture is from a time several years ago when I followed my husband off when he was going to England to visit our daughter. The stairs look magic in the morning light. But in the last year I have seen pictures in the media from the autumn of 2015 when this stairs or one of the other stairs at the station was filled with refugees waiting to be processed by the police. I wonder what memories this place holds for them.

The picture has been published before in 2012 on my main blog From My Horizon.

On Sveaborg – Suomenlinna in Helsinki


On Sveaborg – a sea fortress whose construction started in 1748 by Augustin Ehrensvärd who was a Swedish military officer and an architect. Finland was a part of Sweden until 1809 when Finland was occupied by Russia. Sveaborg means “fortress of Svea”. The name “Svea” is female and a symbol for Sweden. Finland became a sovereign state in 1917 and the fortress was renamed Suomenlinna – “castle of Finland”. Sveaborg – Suomenlinna is a UNESCO world Heritage site. More about Sveaborg – Suomenlinna at wikipedia.

The picture is taken in december 2015 and originally published on Weekly Weather.

Steep stairs at Arayashima

img_6816I very much wanted to see the macaques living  in the monkey park in Arayashima, Japan. But in order to get there I had to climb these stairs. When we walked down I saw a young girl that also seemed to think the stairs tested her endurance. But we both managed to climb the stairs. The picture is taken in the autumn of 2013.

Pictures of ordinary places

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