Easter Witch on Lauttasaari, Helsinki, Finland


Walking on Drumsö – Lauttasaari on Maundy Thursday in 2016 I saw something odd on a roof of the little café by the road just before the bridge to central Helsinki. After all it was Maundy Thursday so what should you expect but an easter witch. These pictures are taken in Finland but they have the same traditions as Sweden. In Sweden children, mostly girls or almost always girls dress like the easter witch and go from door to door with a basket of candy. They often get a candy or a coin on their tour, much like children do on Halloween in countries that have that tradition. Well this witch sat still on the roof of the café with her broom and her black cat. Otherwise it was as you see a grey day and cold as well.

These pictures are taken on Drumsö or Lauttasaari in Helsinki in Finland and was originally published last year on From My Horizon in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Landscape. For the location look below on the map.

Happy Easter!



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