On Linnégatan in Limhamn

On a rainy day in Easter week 2014 on Linnégatan in Limhamn
On a rainy day in Easter week 2014 on Linnégatan in Limhamn

We are still in Limhamn, this time a little further down on Linnégatan closer to the old fisher village center, looking towards town. The yellow villa from the beginning of the 20th century to the left belonged to the school doctor when I was a child. He had his reception in the house as well. If one came in the morning and sat for several hours in silence you always got to see the doctor the same day. Boring of course but you didn´t have to have an appointment as I remember it.

To the left in the picture is a glimpse of a building built in the early 1970 with a big grocery store. On the parking place (not in the picture) of this grocery store lay a church that served as an assembly hall for nearby Linnéskolan that had what was called “morgonsamling”, morning assembly, several mornings a week. This could be all from the headmaster talking, piano performances, information of various kind. The origin was the morning prayer but it was seldom religious content in these morning assemblies in the 1960s as I remember them. But I did hate them as a useless way to spend my time as I had to go to school twenty minutes earlier and had a longer way to go. To have a look at old Tabor church please look here on my other blog From My Horizon.

The picture is taken in the spring of 2015.


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